Hardy Aviation Insurance Web Design Transformation

We recently worked with Hardy Aviation Insurance to update their ten year old website with a fresh and updated web design. Although the original site was receiving inquiries, they felt the site did not represent their business very well and wanted to reach new audiences.

As part of the redesign process, we worked with Jim Oertle, their marketing business partner, to take updated pictures and help write new content. This included staff pictures, which was highly important since they are known for their great customer service and team involved atmosphere.  Then, we brought more emphasis to the application process. We did this by creating a banner at the top left of every page and by adding other calls to action at other places on the site. Finally, we created a ‘sleek’ and aesthetically pleasing web design, more geared towards the new audience they wanted to reach.


Overall, a more professional look was achieved that matched their brand and what they feel best represented Hardy Aviation Insurance.



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