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Three Ways to Build a Web Presence with Social Media

Friday, September 10th, 2010
The number of ways to start building web presence through social media can a bit overwhelming. Also, it can prove to be a daunting task to figure out which method will work best for your business. This post will provide a straight forward approach to getting started.  Let’s start with a few definitions:
  • Web Presence – Is a holistic view of your business online including your Website, Search Engine Ranking and Social Media interaction.
  • Social Media - The interaction of your business online both initiated by you and word of mouth

Determine Goals
The first step to building a web presence using social media is to determine your goals.  I realize this does not sound like a life changing event, but it just may be.  The question you have to ask yourself is what do I want to acheive with my web presence.
  • Brand Awareness – You have a killer brand and you want people to know about it.
  • Engage My Clients – Stop bad PR in-flight and foster reoccurring clients or customers.
  • New Clients – According to Google 82% of people looking for local services are doing it on-line.
Building a Web Presence will achieve results, if done correctly.  Last year, through social media, Starbucks brought in 1 million customers in a single day with a free pastry offering.  This shows the kind of results that can be achieved when clients are engaged with social media.
Identify The Message
Identifying the message you want to communicate is a critical step to being successful.  The goal behind the message is not only the communication, but also to build content.  This makes your website or blog more meaningful and relevant to search engines, thus improving your rankings.  The message should:
  • Align with your goals
  • Be centered around a topic (Educations, Tips & Tricks, Product or Service)
  • Be broken into multiple parts
  • Have an identified time-line by which it will be delivered.
If the message is about a product or service, it should have a call to action at the end of the series. This type of  communication can take time and skill, so finding someone in your organization that has some experience in this area would be beneficial.
Pick a Tool
Social Media is a set of applications and tools that are used to get the message out in a social way.  Here is some criteria to help identify which tool will work best based on your business type.  Here are two types of models that we are targeting with Social Media:

Business to Business (B2B) – Businesses that cater to other businesses (Consulting, Print Services, etc.)
Business to Consumer (B2C) – Businesses that cater to consumers (Retail Stores, Restaurants, etc.)

  • Facebook – B2C is frequently used for Promotions, Coupons and Engagement.  It’s the best place for interaction with customers.
  • Twitter – B2B is frequently used for Promotions, Knowledge Sharing, Tips & Tricks, Support.  Links to Blogs are frequent here as well as Customer Support.
  • Linked In – B2B is frequently used for Education and Promotion.  It’s the best place for B2B transactions, through making connections.

Lastly, pick a single tool to get started and then gradually add more over time.